It's always good to have a backup for your fellow hunter who didn't get BUCKED!

The SPORTSMAN kit includes (2) 4oz spray bottles that fit nicely in your pocket and is perfect for use in the field. NO OTHER scent elimination product offers this convenient size!

BUCKED utilizes groundbreaking technology and puts it into the hands of true hunters. This 100% natural biocatalyst disallows the formation of odors without the use of enzymes or odorous chemical compounds.

The extremely sensitive main and accessory olfactory systems found in land-based mammals are no match for BUCKED! This scent eliminator works on the molecular level to eradicate odors that these systems detect to signal danger to the animal.

Generously spray BUCKED around your site, on your clothes, weapons, equipment and even your own skin!

$7.99 X

Type: Scent Elimination

SKU: BKD204000