BUCKED is the latest safe and biodegradable product from Apex Engineering Products Corporation. We have been around for more than 70 years, and are proud to be a U.S. manufacturer renowned not only for our biodegradable line of products, but also our in-depth and exceptional customer support. The science behind BUCKED has been proven with our industrial odor eliminator in some of the foulest environments in the world, including landfills, composting facilities, garbage transfer stations and even sewer lines.

As with most great ideas, BUCKED was conceived over a few dozen beers with friends and family. In discussing our revolutionary new odor eliminator and the science behind it, a couple of our hunting (and drinking) buddies asked if it could be used to eliminate human and other odors for hunting. The proverbial light bulb suddenly switched on in our heads. Since our odor eliminator  can eliminate odors in the foulest of environments, it can definitely do the same in hunting where scent elimination is crucial for a big score. 

So when hunting season rolled around, we sent out our hunting crew armed with our odor eliminator in hopes that they get some tail. Boy, did they. 

Amazed at the success of the first go-around with our product, we uttered, “You not only got some tail, you got BUCKED!” 

And the rest is history.


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