Thanks to you and our partners, BUCKED Scent Eliminator is gradually making its way into the hands of hunters across the United States and Canada! Now, we are expanding our team with our new BUCKED ProStaff & FieldStaffWe are excited to have hunters from all around be an integral member of our BUCKED team and help more hunters get BUCKED!

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Backwoods Bow Hunters
Greenville, Pennsylvania
ProStaff & Partner 

Backwoods Bow Hunters is group of young hunters from Pennsylvania that share a passion for hunting and the outdoors. Filming all their hunts, Backwoods Bow Hunters strive to provide hunting fans with exciting and informative episodes. Though newcomers to the hunting industry, they have been hunting for most of their lives and have the drive to make their hunting dreams come true. We are excited to partner with them and help each other grow to make all our dreams come true. Please support them by following them on social media. Also, watch for new video and episodes this coming season from them featuring BUCKED Scent Eliminator and some hunting footage that will blow you away!

FacebookBackwoods Bow Hunters
Website: Backwoods Bow Hunters

Buckeye Back Woods Outdoors
Chillicothe, Ohio

Jamey and Keri Collier are a husband and wife hunting team who created Buckeye Back Woods Outdoors in March 2014. Jamey has more than 30 years of experience hunting and harvesting a variety of big game animals and predators. He got Keri hooked on hunting in 2013 when she harvested her first deer with a crossbow. Just two weeks later on their anniversary, Keri bagged her first buck. They love sharing time together in the outdoors capturing memories through pictures and videos to share with their friends and followers. As part of the BUCKED team, they look forward to sharing more memories with everyone!

Facebook: Buckeye Back Woods Outdoors

Kyle Dalke
Cranbrook, British Columbia, Canada

For Kyle, life in the mountains of Cranbrook, British Columbia, Canada is beautiful, challenging and exciting. Hunting and the outdoors are just simply a way of life for Kyle and his family. Harvesting his first deer when he was just 7 years old, Kyle became addicted to hunting and has never looked back. He has harvested a number of game, including elk, whiteys, muleys, mountain goats, grizzley bears and black bears. With time and experience, Kyle continues to push himself to go farther into the backcountry, facing new encounters with  rugged terrain, unpredictable wind and challenging weather. With BUCKED Scent Eliminator in his pack, the animals he will be chasing are in trouble. 

Twitter: @mountainlife22

Game Stalkerz
Janesville, Wisconsin

Game Stalkerz was founded in 2013 by Aaron, John, and Chris as a platform to share the successes of their hunting and fishing triumphs, as well as fellow hunters in the great state of Wisconsin. Though Game Stalkerz is only a year old, each team member has several years of hunting and outdoors experience under their belt. With the crew filming their hunts this season, coupled with the partnership with BUCKED Scent Eliminator, they plan on getting closer to their trophy bucks than ever before. Follow Game Stalkerz and their hunting adventures on Facebook and of course, us!  

Facebook: Game Stalkerz

Nadine Ellen Keris of Archery Angels LLC
Tampa, Florida
ProStaff & Partner

At Archery Angels LLC, their mission and goal is to make archery and bowhunting affordable for every customer, making sure everyone who wants to bow hunt has the quality of a pro without the price of a pro. Owned by Nadine Ellen Keris, the Tampa, Florida-based Archery Angels LLC is the first of its kind archery concierge service and offering custom wraps and fletches, as well as other archery and hunting products. A life-long bowhunter, Nadine wants her customers to share in the adrenaline rush from being on a hunt, which she says cannot be compared to anything else in the world. Please follow Nadine and Archery Angels LLC through social media and her website to learn more about her fascinating and touching background, as well as how you can experience the thrill of bowhunting on an affordable budget!

Twitter: @BowhuntAngelNK

Facebook: Archery Angels LLC

Steve Moon
Fort Meyers, Florida

Dubbed “nature boy” at a young age by his parents, Steve spent most of his time fishing the Indian River, which was just a stones throw away from his home in Indialantic, Florida.

When he wasn’t fishing, he was out in the woods or at the Brevard Zoo learning about wildlife and wildlife conservation. He also learned how to pattern animals, honing his tracking skills and overall outdoor knowledge. Steve soon began hunting and it’s been his addiction ever since. He has always enjoyed the grit and physical challenges that come with hunting. He’s even become notorious for hiking miles just to get the right spot.

Some of his favorite game to pursue includes turkey, boar and whitetail deer. In the near future, Steve hopes to pursue pronghorn antelope, elk, mule deer, Cape buffalo, sable and Nile crocodile.  

Steve is a student and member of the Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity at Florida Gulf Coast University, where he is pursuing a career in the armed forces.

Chris Riccio
Trumbull, Connecticut

For Chris, a lifetime love of hunting and the outdoors began when his father took him on a pheasant hunt when he was a boy. Over the past 25 years, that love has flourished and continues to grow. As a bowhunter in Connecticut, Chris has access to large parcels of state land as well as several smaller areas of private land. While suburban deer on private land are somewhat used to people, he says they are on high alert and are often tough to bring within bow range. Patience, stealth and scent control are crucial to bringing the deer in close, regardless of where he hunts.

In addition to dove hunting in Argentina, Chris has hunted wild boar, pheasant, and turkey in several states, but his true passion lies in bowhunting whitetails. He is selective about the whitetails he harvests, attempting to only take mature deer. The deer Chris harvests provides him and his wife with the healthy, organic meat they rely on all year long.  Any extra venison gets donated to help feed the less fortunate though the local Hunt to Feed program.

He treats every moment in the woods as a blessing and every hunt is viewed as a learning experience. As a full-time firefighter, he schedules his vacation time around the pre-rut and rut. On his other days off during deer season, Chris can be found in a treestand with his bow, forever seeking the buck of a lifetime.

Twitter: @criccio211

Will Sheehan of Lethal Encounters Outdoors
Sicklerville, New Jersey

Raised behind a farm in Winslow, New Jersey, Will learned to hunt and love the outdoors at a young age. Beginning with archery hunting for deer and turkey in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, Will expanded his horizons into waterfowl and big game hunting, including Idaho mule deer and elk. Will currently operates Lethal Encounter Outdoors, a group of hunters who are addicted to hunting and the outdoors, filming their hunts to share with other hunters around the world. With BUCKED Scent Eliminator, expect to see plenty of lethal encounters from Will.

Twitter: @LEOutdoors
Facebook: Lethal Encounters Outdoors

Brad Smith
Westfield, Indiana 

Brad started his path on the water chasing muskies, bass, and just about any fish that swims all over the Midwest. Now, he balances his time between the woods and water. In the spring, he is backed up against a tree looking for a Tom, while in the fall he is stalking white tails all over Indiana. Bow hunting is his passion, but Brad always puts time in during each part of the season from the first cool days of autumn to the blizzard-like conditions that usher in the end of the season. Currently, Brad is an active member of the Outdoor Writer’s Association of America. If you look close, you will see his work on websites and magazines all over the United States, so keep an eye out for more articles and photography coming soon!      

Twitter: @BradSmith319
Facebook: Stream to Pond