The biodegradable BUCKED Scent Eliminator utilizes a groundbreaking technology and puts it into the hands of true hunters. BUCKED is a 100% natural non-active biocatalyst that disallows the formation of odor-causing compounds without the use of active enzymes or masking agents, unlike other products on the market.



Rather than masking odors or introducing active enzymes to control or eliminate odors, vegetable-based non-active biocatalysts (NABCs), such as BUCKED, expedite the natural degradation process of existing bacteria through the introduction of micronutrients. NABCs contain nutrients, vitamins and trace elements that provide good bacteria with the ability to expedite the digestion of odor-causing compounds.

BUCKED enhances the existing metabolic processes of the microorganisms present in all matter, regardless if it’s your clothes, weapons, surrounding environment or even yourself. The naturally existing bacteria already produce enzymes that facilitate the absorption of organics through their cellular membranes. Since BUCKED can be used on any object, person or in any environment with odor issues, it does not have the limitations that active enzymes have with targeting specific odor compounds.


The extremely sensitive main and accessory olfactory systems found in land-based mammals are no match for BUCKED! As previously mentioned, this scent eliminator works on the molecular level to eradicate odors that these olfactory systems detect to signal danger to the animal. 

Spray BUCKED all over your clothes from your hat down to your boots. Spray it on your weapons, equipment and all over your site. Being 100% natural and non-toxic, it's safe enough to spray on your own skin!

Products with active enzymes may work on certain odors, but there's more than 10,000 enzymes in the world. How do you know you have the right one that will work on you, your equipment and the environment you'll be hunting in?

Why risk losing a trophy buck by masking everything and everybody in "earthy" scents? How do you know you have the correct scent for the region or environment you'll be hunting in? Should you go with Backwoods Dirt with a hint of Maple or Trampled Grass & Northern MudGive the game you're trying to hunt some credit. They live in that outdoor environment their entire lives and know all the smells like the back of their hoof. If hunting was easy, everyone would be doing it... except PETA.


No. With BUCKED, you can rid yourself of all the scent elimination accessories you've spend hundreds of dollars on, like deodorants, laundry detergents, dryer sheets, wafers, wipes, body washes, shampoos, conditioners, electronic devices...whew!

BUCKED comes in a 24oz spray bottle and a handy 4oz spray bottle. The BUCKED 4oz spray bottle fits nicely in your pocket and is perfect for use in the field. NO OTHER scent elimination product offers this convenient size!


BUCKED Scent Eliminator is the latest safe and biodegradable product from Apex Engineering Products Corporation. We have been around for more than 70 years, and are proud to be a U.S. manufacturer renowned not only for our biodegradable line of products, but also our in-depth and exceptional customer support. The science behind BUCKED has been proven with our industrial odor eliminator in some of the foulest environments in the world, including landfills, composting facilities, garbage transfer stations and even sewer lines.

As with most great ideas, BUCKED was conceived over a few dozen beers with friends and family. In discussing our revolutionary new odor eliminator and the science behind it, a couple of our hunting (and drinking) buddies asked if it could be used to eliminate human and other odors for hunting. The proverbial light bulb suddenly switched on in our heads. Since our odor eliminator  can eliminate odors in the foulest of environments, it can definitely do the same in hunting where scent elimination is crucial for a big score. 

So when hunting season rolled around, we sent out our hunting crew armed with our odor eliminator in hopes that they get some tail. Boy, did they. Amazed at the success of the first go-around with our product, we uttered, “You not only got some tail, you got BUCKED!” 

And the rest is history.