Things in life are tougher to achieve when going at it alone. Friends, family and solid partnerships make the journey to success a little bit easier. BUCKED Scent Eliminator is just a fawn in this vast, yet thrilling backwoods of hunting. We are extremely fortunate to have partnered with some of the most talented folks in a diverse range of areas from country music to hunting equipment.

Some of these folks are also starting out, while others are on the cusp of making it big. No matter what stage in our respective game we are all at, we are committed to helping each other succeed through a variety of practical, yet powerful cross-promotional efforts. We are honored to call these folks not only partners, but also friends. Please check each of them out through their websites and/or by following them on social media and support their ventures just as much as you support ours.

If you are interested in being a partner of BUCKED and helping each other grow through cross-promotions and more, contact us HERE!


Brandi Snyder
Model and Host of

For everything country -- from country music and artists to the great outdoors -- Brandi Snyder brings it you at! The beautiful Brandi has interviewed some of country's hottest artists, including Colt Ford, JJ Lawhorn and Lady Antebellum. This energetic country gal interacts with her fans via social media and events, making her one of the most fun and entertaining people to follow on the country scene. With big plans in store in 2014, please support Brandi and Uwantcountry by following her on social media and spreading the word on this talented beauty!
Twitter: @Uwantcountry and @brandisnyder33
Facebook: Uwantcountry
Instagram: Uwantcountry


Nick Alligood
Country Music Artist

A native of Albany, Georgia, Nick Alligood started with his very first show as a fill in at local Mellow Mushroom. From then on, he quickly began to be noticed by other venues as well as his current fan base. One of his greatest qualities as a musician/singer is his personality, stage presence and accessibility via social media. Nick is currently in the studio working on his first album and planning a tour later this year. He was named 2014 Country Male Artist of the Year at the Georgia Music Awards and recently released his first single "Get It Girl" (download it on iTunes, Amazon and anywhere music is sold). An extremely down-to-earth guy, we are honored to be partners and friends with Nick, who has a bright future in country music. Please support Nick by following him via social media and keep posted on upcoming shows.

Twitter: @NAlligoodMusic
Facebook: Nick Alligood Music
Instagram: NickAlligoodMusic


Josh Fuller and Dirt & Diesel
Country Music Artist

Josh Fuller and his band Dirt & Diesel has been bringing their energetic country music to fans throughout Texas for years, but are ready to reach country music fans throughout the country. The pride and joy of Conroe, Texas, the band's first radio single "Road Trip", got to #68 on the Texas Regional Charts and their  first music video "Old Whiskey" hit 10,000 views in only three weeks! Old Whiskey is being  released to regional and national radio with plans to record and release their second album later this year. Having opened for several bigger acts -- regional, national and legendary -- Josh Fuller and Dirt & Diesel have their eyes set on playing more than 200 shows in 2014 with an emphasis on concert/festival style performances. A great and talented group of guys, we encourage you to follow them via social media and bombard your local country music radio station with Old Whiskey requests!

Twitter: @TheJoshFuller and @DirtandDiesel
Facebook: Dirt and Diesel


Archery Angels LLC
Archery Concierge Service

At Archery Angels LLC, their mission and goal is to make archery and bowhunting affordable for every customer, making sure everyone who wants to bow hunt has the quality of a pro without the price of a pro. Owned by Nadine Ellen Keris, the Tampa, Florida-based Archery Angels LLC is the first of its kind archery concierge service and offering custom wraps and fletches, as well as other archery and hunting products. A life-long bowhunter, Nadine wants her customers to share in the adrenaline rush from being on a hunt, which she says cannot be compared to anything else in the world. Please follow Nadine and Archery Angels LLC through social media and her website to learn more about her fascinating and touching background, as well as how you can experience the thrill of bowhunting on an affordable budget!


Bobby Jara
Country Music Artist

A native of Pennsylvania, Bobby Jara found his love of country music when he moved to West Virginia. From listening to his father singing Frank Sinatra tunes to picking up a guitar right after high school, Bobby had music in his soul. Expanding his musical repertoire, he enlisted the expertise of now mentor, producer and friend, John Lilley, to broaden his knowledge and skills both on the guitar and in his songwriting. After a serious car accident and months of rehab, Bobby returned to music stronger and even more determined to not only record a country album, but write and play country music for years to come. Please follow Bobby Jara through social media and listen to his music on his website. A wonderful and extremely down-to-earth guy, Bobby is definitely one to follow and help people from coast to coast to get to know his music. 

Twitter: @BobbyJaraMusic
Facebook: BobbyJMusic
Instagram: BobbyJMusic

Backwoods Bow Hunters
Hunting TV Show  

Backwoods Bow Hunters is group of young hunters from Pennsylvania that share a passion for hunting and the outdoors. Filming all their hunts, Backwoods Bow Hunters strive to provide hunting fans with exciting and informative episodes. Though newcomers to the hunting industry, they have been hunting for most of their lives and have the drive to make their hunting dreams come true. We are excited to partner with them and help each other grow to make all our dreams come true. Please support them by following them on social media. Also, watch for new video and episodes this coming season from them featuring BUCKED Scent Eliminator and some hunting footage that will blow you away!