BUCKED Scent Eliminator has listened to your calls. This isn't new. It's simply bigger! Finally, a product that you don't have to throw away each year and buy new. Unlike other scent 'eliminators' BUCKED has a shelf life of at least 5 years. Yep, FIVE years.That's longer than high school...for most of us.  

We've always been environmentally conscious, so why should we envelop rut territory with empty bottles of BUCKED? That's why we are pleased to offer a FULL GALLON of BUCKED Scent Eliminator! Fans of BUCKED will be able to reuse their 24oz or 4oz bottles with a refill from this long lasting jug. Technically, you don't even need the other bottles. Any clean household sprayer can be used to apply BUCKED.

Pssst. It also saves on shipping!


$49.99 X

Type: Scent Elimination

SKU: BKD128000