New BUCKED Scent Eliminator is safe, makes hunters invisible

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Wednesday, October 16, 2013
AURORA, Ill. — Based on the innovative science of non-active biocatalysts, BUCKED Scent Eliminator disallows the formation of odor-causing compounds without the use of active enzymes, masking agents or essential oils. It works on the molecular level to eradicate odors that the sensitive main and accessory olfactory systems found in land-based mammals detect to signal danger to the animal. No matter if the hunter is downwind, BUCKED helps get hunters closer to their game without getting busted.
This 100% natural, vegetable-based non-active biocatalyst contains nutrients, vitamins and trace 
elements that enhance the existing metabolic processes of microorganisms present in all matter (e.g. humans, clothes, weapons, surrounding environment). The naturally existing bacteria already produce enzymes that facilitate the absorption of organics through their cellular membranes. Since BUCKED can 
be used on any object, person or in any environment with odor issues, it does not have the limitations of masking scents, or active enzymes with targeting specific odor compounds.
BUCKED is 100% biodegradable, safe and can be sprayed over clothes, weapons, equipment, site, or even on skin.
BUCKED comes in a 24oz spray bottle ($10.99), as well as a handy 4oz spray bottle ($4.49) 
that fits in a jacket pocket for use in the field. Kits featuring multiple bottles and sizes are 
also available, including the Sportsman ($7.99), Huntsman ($16.99), Woodsman ($19.99), and Marksman ($26.99).
BUCKED is available online at and questions regarding the product can be answered by calling 800.451.6291.

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