The Concept of Being Invisible on Your Hunt

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     I've started to see, in a few instances, that hunters don't always trust scent elimination. Some hunters will use absolutely no scents, masks, oils, camo, lures, anything. They don't believe they work and won't spend money to see if those products will help. Those hunters are set in their ways and will forever do what they think is best. To each their own and I can honor their view. However, at BUCKED, we view hunting a bit differently. I've heard the question, "If you don't smell like anything, then how does that help you?" That is what BUCKED was designed to answer. By using BUCKED Scent Eliminator, we eliminate your odors. Zero. Nothing. Eliminated. We don't hide behind curtains of Autumn, Tree Bark or Cherry Blossom scents and cover-ups. Those products imply that you WILL smell like something. Last I checked, deer can smell pretty well. In my experience, when deer smell something that draws their attention they also look in the direction of the smell to determine what is causing it. Busted. The fact that you're scented with anything can be a triggering mechanism to the game you are hunting. BUCKED Scent Eliminator has no scent, masking agent, oil, lure or attractant. With BUCKED you can become invisible to your prey. Don't even give your game the curiosity to take a look in your direction. Lures and attractants may bring deer into a kill zone, but you don't want to literally be the killzone. That would just invite the deer to find you. In our opinion, you want to be 10 yards away, looking through the crosshairs, unnoticed by the attracted target, invisible. That's a clean takedown. That one is going above the fireplace. Should we call Guinness? 


Imagine you walk into a room reeking of cologne (scent). You can walk as slowly and as carefully as you want, but every person in there is going to turn and look in your direction to see why you smell extensively like Supercharged Pine Needles. Don't be that guy. Be the guy who has to make room in the bed of his truck to fit the 12-pointer.


Don't get busted, get BUCKED.

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