Get BUCKED in your store!

The BUCKED Scent Eliminator team wants to help more hunters across the country get BUCKED so we are looking for independent retailers across the good ol' U.S. of A who are interested in getting BUCKED in their stores! Why independent retailers and not big box stores, such as Cabela's and Bass Pro Shops? As a small business ourselves, we want to support the thousands of small U.S. businesses across the country by partnering with them.

Our grassroots and word-of-mouth approach has been extremely successful. We have exceeded first-year expectations with the help of all our wonderful social media followers and awesome partners, such as Brandi Snyder of, Steffen Hughes, Nick Alligood, Josh Fuller and Dirt & Diesel, Nadine Ellen Keris of Archery Angels, Chelsea Cheff of SOS Gear, Bobby Jara and the team at Backwoods Bow Hunters. Read more about each of our partners HERE.

We want to continue our first year success and expand from our online and social media presence to towns all over the United States. We have developed a no-risk retail program for independent retailers who want to carry BUCKED Scent Eliminator in their store for this upcoming hunting season. The program, which revolves around the 4oz field spray bottle in a compact, yet eye-catching countertop point-of-purchase (POP) display with the option of also stocking the 24oz spray bottles, is designed to allow retailers to stock and sell BUCKED with NO initial cost. This program allows independent retailers the opportunity to offer and sell a new, innovative product that the national big box chains don't have AND without significant financial and stocking commitments.

If you are an independent retailer that caters to hunting and outdoor customers, and would like information on our no-risk retail program, please Contact Us! We look forward to many new partnerships and working toward helping each other grow and become successful!

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