Archery Angels on our shoulder

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We're proud to welcome Nadine Ellen Keris and her company Archery Angels LLC to the BUCKED team!

At Archery Angels LLC, their mission and goal is to make archery and bowhunting affordable for every customer, making sure everyone who wants to bow hunt has the quality of a pro without the price of a pro.

Owned by Nadine Ellen Keris, the Tampa, Florida-based Archery Angels LLC is the first of its kind archery concierge service and offering custom wraps and fletches, as well as other archery and hunting products. A life-long bowhunter, Nadine wants her customers to share in the adrenaline rush from being on a hunt, which she says cannot be compared to anything else in the world.

Please follow Nadine and Archery Angels LLC through social media and her website to learn more about her fascinating and touching background, as well as how you can experience the thrill of bowhunting on an affordable budget!

Visit to learn more about Nadine and her company, as well as follow her on Twitter @BowhuntAngelNK and Facebook at Archery Angels LLC and Nadine Ellen Keris Bowhuntress.

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